The Pottery we display and sell through The Clay Hearth is an extension of our work at the Hurricane Mt Studio in Keene NY. This studio and wood fired kiln are located just next to our home.  We are taking steps towards including more of the local clay and sands into our work to reflect a more sustainable approach to making pottery and one that reflects the place and textures of this land. We throw at the wheel or hand build all of our work and fire all pottery to cone 11 ( around 2360 Fahrenheit ) in a two chamber wood kiln. Much of the wood we use is harvested from the land or cut from already fallen woods on the 25 acres were we live.

Crusty Pots Owen and Cavan - Copy

my friend Owen made the piece on the left

IMG_6752 1208858_172980466228155_155353090_n Batter Bowls at the Wheel IMG_6437-Recovered