We’re currently baking sourdough breads only,

(just flour/grain, water and sea salt in our kitchen) but we look forward to making pizza again, and we’ll let everyone know when we do! Thanks for checking in :)

Organic Wood Fired Pizza

We’re producing an organic pie in the spirit of the Neapolitan tradition but one we hope reflects as much of our land here as possible.

A nice wet dough that responds quickly to the high heat of the oven,

  developing good earthy tones on the crust and staying thin and crispy under a molten mix of tomatoes,

cheese and fresh herbs with a little olive oil and sea salt. Always and only vegetarian, we make a traditional cheese and margherita style pie with a

rotating special designed to show case local cheeses from Sugar House Creamery,

Asgard Farm and North Country Creamery and the delicious vegetation  of Juniper Hill  Farm in Wadhams, NY and Fledging Crow Farms in Keeseville.

Now for some details. Each of our pies receives:

  • 11 ounces of organic dough. 35% total organic fresh milled whole wheat (30% prefermented (levain) (total dough hydration is 76 to 80% )
  • 4+ ounces of either fresh mozzarella (rBST free) or Local Cheese from one of our excellent creameries (Sugar House Creamery (Dutch Knuckle) – Asgard Farm (Feta) – North Country Creamery (Raw Havarti)
  • Our red pies all receive organic crushed tomato sauce
  • Organic fresh herbs from our garden or our local organic farms (Juniper Hill Farm or Fledging Crow Vegetables)
  • Organic produce is always used on our rotating specials
pizza crumb