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Hi Everyone, we had a short order of T-shirts printed on Organic cotton (Anvil Organic shirts) and decided to put them in the store. The printing came out nice and the cotton is preshrunk and quite soft. I myself am 5’10  and the medium fits great. The T-shirt color (if not clear in photo) is a soft almond / off white tone.  We’ll be using flat rate priority mail for shipping which will cost +$6. Thanks

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If you live locally you can grab a shirt from the Sugar House Creamery Farm Store in Upper Jay NY or just get in touch with the form below and I’m sure we can arrange a pickup time from our place on Hurricane Rd.

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The Clay Hearth T Shirt

Basic Oven / Trailer Plans with Notes

Coming this February 2015

This is a basic building guide with a step by step approach to building a similar oven and trailer to ours at The Clay Hearth. From Research links and info on oven design, to choosing a trailer, planning your build, and tips for operation. I didn’t include a cut list for steel or any specific trailer schematics as each project will be different based on your personal variables (i.e. what trailer you find, oven size/style). This 40 page PDF is designed to help you feel informed about the equipment you will be working with (Oven, kitchen and trailer), understand the fabrication steps, and ultimately help you get started with tips and notes I hope help you on your path.

These include our personal pizza and bread recipes, bake times and tips for using heat on the hearth, and our business experience managing the kitchen, Department of Health concerns, and share any ideas we found useful so far as bakers and business owners. Please contact me with any questions.

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