The Clay Hearth Side 2

I built the original clay hearth from an old 2 horse trailer. I casted the oven in 6 parts and had a very basic mobile pizza set up for our first season. For season 2, I added a 24volt (225amp hour) battery bank and 700 watts of solar with a custom fridge and some upgrades to the oven.

We’ve just completed yet another upgrade to our life baking… a tiny mobile bake house, 147 square feet to be exact. We found ourselves in need to replace our F-150 for a proper pick up truck to haul the horse trailer when discovered a good deal on an Isuzu box truck.

After considering the prospect of consolidating the entire business into one space and designing a proper kitchen space to clean and an adapted oven to handle larger bread bakes, we decided to to the leap. After 100’s of hours of design and fabrication, we are officially baking in our new rig (Summer 2016).

More info coming soon. Please shoot over to the blog if  you’d like any details on building the ovens, trailer, or the new truck.



You can visit our Blog if you want to learn more about the build out… below is quick look of the fabrication for season 1 and the upgrades for season 2





Below are some images from or first baking Rig, our Horse Trailer :)

“If you are a builder and baker as I am, or anyone interested in the wood firing and food experience, shoot me a message and I’ll try to cover inquiries on our BLOG”

Cavan Drake


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