The Clay Hearth is an extension of our values : )  . Carmina and I invented this bakery to keep us grounded in craft and the earth, and to provide for our family and community something wholesome and real they could enjoy with us or to bring to their table.


Real food and its preparation is an experience that feels honest, and one that feels just outside our complete control when it comes to fermentation. Time, temperature, humidity and a lively culture can be shaped, but not completely controlled. The fermentation and baking is a process that keeps offering us a deeper and deeper experience of the now. Just as our experience in ceramics and wood firing pottery is really a collaboration with nature, every bake I unload reveals a crust and crumb unique to that day, that morning, that is really a product of that doughs moment.

Organic Sourdough hearth baked breads are very much the aesthetic of nature and of food that we love. This business started with pizza and a converted horse trailer. Soon, after a year of working with a wood fired oven and sourdough flat breads, we were baking a country loaf. Each evolution of grain and fermentation technique has evolved with time and new questions while in the bake house, at the mill, or anywhere we go.

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